Bruno Rose, often teaming with musician/singer Arianna Tysinger, infuses alternative styles of Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop with catchy rhythms and lyrics. With all instrumentation and additional vocals by Arianna, Bruno adds his atypical lyrical and vocal style, creating a sound that is new and unique.

Vocals, Bruno Rose / Arianna Tysinger
Digital Instrumentation / Arianna Tysinger



Hey! I'm bruno, and My passion in life is entertaining people. Every week I'll be posting a new video (music, storY TIME, or crazy fun shirtless videos)

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Vacancy on my heart's floor

Album by Bruno Rose & Arianna Tysinger



Hot & Wild couples yoga

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Barista Bruno

Barista Bruno is here to teach you all about coffee. With the help of some shots of espresso, or whiskey, BB will show you how to order your drink, make healthy smoothies, cold brew coffee, and more. Oh, and he dances in his underwear.

Fun, Freaky, & Fantastic

From funny videos to intense short films. These is where you got to witness all the wild, crazy, and dramatic sides to Bruno Rose.

Music Videos

Music videos and cover songs! Includes many songs off my alternative Pop/R&B album, Vacancy on My Heart's Floor.

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I have stories...and lots of them! Unlike other Youtubers, I'm not about stretching the truth. My life is dramatic enough ;)

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Vacancy on My Heart's Floor

by Bruno Rose, Arianna Tysinger

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Explore all that encompasses the raw, uncensored, and entertaining career of Bruno Rose.

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Bruno Rose is an actor represented by STW Talent. Click here to view his Acting Reel, Resume, and Gallery.

Netflix & Chill by Bruno Rose & Arianna Tysinger

Netflix & Chill by Bruno Rose & Arianna Tysinger


View Music Videos, listen to songs, and download the album.

Short film by Bruno Rose

Short film by Bruno Rose

Lost in Expression


After discovering his boyfriend’s infidelity, a stoic fraternity president attempts to suppress his emotions by getting wild at his fraternity’s party. As the night goes on, unexpected events and repressed childhood memories force him to face his erupting emotions and the decision between saving his collapsed relationship or letting it disintegrate into nothing.